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Get to know our new boutique hotel in the province of Soria

We travelled to the city of Soria, a pleasant town full of history and culture, where the new boutique hotel of our chain is located

We continue to expand our portfolio of establishments with a new boutique hotel in the province of Soria. DWO Ábaster is a 3-star accommodation, ideal for a few days of rest surrounded by the best amenities and landscapes of the community of Castilla y León.

It has 21 spacious and comfortable rooms, as well as 4 fully equipped apartements. Its fantastic facilities include a restaurant-cafeteria included in the Michelin Guide, in the hands of the award-winning chef Óscar García Marina.

It also has a room for events, with various packs prepared for conventions, among other services. All its facilities are available on its official website.

Your perfect option for visiting the most important places in the province of Soria, thanks to its fantastic location. Move to the most lively areas and the various points of interest with great ease.

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Book your stay now on our official website, as always at the best price. Follow the latest news about the hotel and the chain's establishments on our social networks.

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