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Celebrating Canary Islands Day at DWO Nopal

A very special day in the Canary Islands in which our hotels dress up, in all senses, to pay homage to this enriching culture and gastronomy

The 30th of May is an important date in the Canary Islands calendar, as it is celebrated as the acclaimed Canary Islands Day, when the inhabitants of the so-called lucky islands show off their best clothes and celebrate the culture of the place. From the end of May to the beginning of June, our hotels on the island of Tenerife dress up their facilities with a palette of Canarian colours and flavours.

At DWO Nopal, as is tradition, they arrange the reception with different themes throughout the year, and Canary Island Day could not be less. They exhibit a set of traditional Canarian costumes and objects to show the past of life on the islands. In addition, the hotel prepares a special breakfast with the most typical products of the islands' gastronomy, showing a star food from each one of them. A real delicacy for this unique day.

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